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Femininity | ART | Pantyhose is an illustrated digital edition on beauty. We see the femininity from new angles and want to share our views with you.
We see pantyhose as the Ultimate Accessory to underline the femininity and beauty of a woman. A woman’s legs are one of the most important features that distinguishes them from men.
Stockings with garter belt are relic from the past. Being a classic element of clothing, stockings carry an outdated social function of ‘offering’ the female principle in a laced, old fashioned way.
Pantyhose (tights) on contrary are modern and signify the 'avant garde' of todays' current lifestyle. They symbolize independence and chastity concurrently through technology and complete covering from toe to waist.
Pantyhose are a classic feminine garment realized in a modern interpretation. You can’t ignore lady’s legs when she is wearing pantyhose.
Even the sheerest tights, barely visible, work like an exclamation mark: «Look! What a fantastic legs here!»
We love women for their femininity, we admire their timeless beauty.
Our models love posing for our sessions.
Are you with us?